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Eliminate Fear or Making Mistakes

Eliminate Fear or Making Mistakes

Mistakes are valuable. However, for them to be of value, you must first see them as a beneficial and critical part of your life that you cannot avoid and must instead embrace with an open heart and open mind.

Most people are terrified of making mistakes, and this fear serves as inhibitor rather than a learning experience. Instead of accepting mistakes as part of the life experiece, there is a tendency to dwell upon them, to regret them, be ashamed of or to even hate yourself for making them…

This workshop will enable you understand why you hold this fear, what's behind it, and that you're not really afraid to make a mistake, but there are certain underlying beliefs that evoke this fear.

This is approximately 55min class and a little under 20min clearning meditation so you start shifting your core belief system to overcome the fear

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Amelia Kohset, Mindset Coach

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